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Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the NJHIMSS. Many of you have participated in past Chapter events and we are pleased to see you continue to participate and support us.  

In order to better meet the needs of our growing membership, the popularity of our events, and our new virtual enviornment, we have restructured the sponsorship offering to provide even more value.

2023 Sponsorship Program

  • Annual sponsorships are effective once payment is received and have a duration of 12 months
  • Details of the program may change
  • There will be no discounts for multi-district sponsorships

For questions regarding the Sponsor Program, please contact Julia Staas at

Sponsor Packages 

Corporate - $3,500

Associate - $2,750

Video/Podcast on our website

Video/Podcast on our website

Logo and link on Sponsor page of website

Logo and link on Sponsor page of website

Podcast customer story

In-person events (if possible)

In-person events (if possible)

Table at all conferences

Table at all conferences


Sponsor website banner




Podcast Sponsor Only - $500

Podcast Customer Story

Duration of 30 minutes

Publication of podcast on Apple & Amazon Podcast Platforms



The NJ Chapter of the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (NJHIMSS) is a consortium of healthcare professionals, providers and vendors who are committed to promoting constant improvement in the use of information technology within the healthcare industry. Good communication and setting appropriate expectations between technology developers and healthcare executives results in improved information systems which increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve the quality of healthcare. We offer Education and Sharing Experiences, Introduction to New Technology and Networking with colleagues.

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